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Welcome to Fronnar

The requirement for multi-screen solutions has become more attractive as screens have become more affordable in recent years. Fronnar offer Desk and wall mounted multi-screen solutions for both the professional user and the gamer.

We have recently launched our new desk mount range for multi-screen solutions from 2 screens through to 8 screens, which are capable of accepting screen sizes 16” to 24” in multiple configurations.

Our unique wall mounted solution allows multiple screens to be mounted side by side and slid into place. This unique system allows stacking of the screens whilst allowing the capabilities of a “hot swap” solution of a screen without disturbing any other screen. Our wall mounted solution was launched in November 2011 and is currently used by 2 of the top 4 Bookmakers in the country.

sales hotline

Product Development

Fronnar offers a free product development service. We can provide full drawings, specification plus prototype samples within 7 working days. For further information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.